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What Others Are Saying…

“Abby has forever changed my life both financially and motivationally! She is such an inspirational person and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything! Abby is with you every step of the way (and even after hours when I’m contemplating a terrible purchase). She has your back through thick and thin but most of all she teaches you life lessons on how to manage money on your own! I couldn’t ask for a better coach and as a single mom, I have FINALLY found my brilliant accountability partner – thanks, Abby!” – Caitlin M.

“I can not say enough about Abby and what she has already done for my husband and I. Only a few months ago we were literally living paycheck to paycheck ….running to the bank every pay day try not to overdraw our account! When meeting with Abby, she said she was going to show us how to find the money that we already had…honestly, I wasn’t totally convinced ….I just figured we didn’t make enough money, but i tried to be open-minded because Abby is a friend and at this point, I didn’t really have much to lose! WELL…..in only 2 short months and 2 sessions, we have put away an emergency fund in a savings account …that previously was completely empty! And I have paid off 3 debts that were plaguing my financial situation completely!! Its absolutely insane what Abby has been able to do for us and how well her plan has worked in our lives!!!” – Amy C.

“I wish to thank you, Abby, for the priceless gift that you have shared with me…your knowledge and patience on how to become financially independent is without a doubt the most liberating feeling I have ever had …when I met you 2 years ago, I was 50,000.00 in credit card debt and a car loan of 22,000.00. Today I am credit card free, car loan down to 11,000.00 and as an extra bonus, I now have not only my 1,000.00 emergency fund but a savings also . To those who are looking for help, look no further …my recommendation and 5 star review will be Abby!!!! Thank you so very much !!!”  – Tracy O.