Financial Success = Drinking More Water?!?

Woman drinking water to curb overeating, spending less on food, financial success.

I had a coaching session last night with a client. Strangely enough, one of our topics of conversation was drinking more water. If you’re wondering how it ties back into personal finance and financial success…hear me out. 

Drinking More Water = Financial Success?

You might be similar to this client: working from home, within reach of your pantry or cupboard, and you find yourself snacking out of habit throughout the day (food is easily accessible, so you can’t stay away). Or maybe you’re still going into the office or workspace every day, and there’s a breakroom with snacks available. Either way, not only are you mindlessly eating, but you’re also wasting money by not controlling your eating habits, either through buying expensive convenience snacks or overeating on food you already bought!

This may be overly simple, but why not make it a point to drink more water throughout the day? Regularly drinking water not only keeps you feeling fuller, but it may help you curb boredom snacking. Challenges are also more fun when you track your progress and whether you’re staying on track!

A Freebie for You!

So I created a simple challenge tracker PDF and sent it to my client! And because I know I need to drink more water, I’m going to start on this challenge today myself! Feel free to download my challenge tracker HERE and let me know you’re joining in! Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a contest out of it!

In my mind, there is a ton of overlap between finances and fitness/health, and I find that when you build discipline in one area, it spills over into the other. So while it may be unusual to find a challenge like this in a personal finance newsletter or blog, I truly believe small steps like this can ripple into larger, long-lasting changes. And that’s something we can all use more of.

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