Financial Coach Enrichment 2020 – My Takeaways

Financial Coach Abby Stafford poses for a photo with Ramsey personality Chris Hogan

I got back a few days ago from Enrichment 2020, the annual Ramsey financial coaching conference. I went in 2019, and every year I come back re-energized and on fire to serve my clients even better. For two days, I get to network with other financial coaches from around North America, sit under amazing speakers, and fill my personal cup. As a financial coach, sometimes it can feel as if you’re the only one out there trying to do what you do. We’re often confused with financial advisors or financial planners, but in fact there are very few true financial coaches. So anytime we have a change to get together and collaborate, it is an amazing experience! I’ll share with you some of my main takeaways below.

A Return to “Normal”

First, in case you hadn’t picked up on it yet – yes, this was an in-person conference. In 2020. I know. Attendance was much lighter than 2019 (a livestream was available). There were also plenty of options and opportunities to practice social distancing, wear masks, etc. But it was LIFE-GIVING being with my fellow coaches. I’m sorry, Zoom just does not cut it compared to being immersed in an event in person, and those two days spent attending the conference just felt so…NORMAL. It was wonderful!

Better Together

Second, any time you are working towards a goal, when you surround yourself with like-minded people, you are encouraged and motivated even more. And that is how I felt as I was leaving the conference. The coaches I was able to get to know and talk to this week, some of them are out there killing it in their business. I want to learn as much from them as I can, so I can improve mine as well!

I also met a ton of brand new coaches at the conference this year. It was amazing to share with them some of my personal experiences from growing my business. What has worked, what hasn’t worked, potential pitfalls and opportunities. This is one of the most amazing things about the Ramsey financial coach community. It is NOT competitive at all, at least in the negative sense! It is totally collaborative and supportive, and I love that fact about our community.

Fantastic Speakers

We heard from speakers from both inside the Ramsey organization, as well as respected leaders in fields such as marketing, sales, branding, and others. I took away many ideas on how to differentiate my business as a financial coach on social media and with potential referral partners. From a client perspective, the overarching theme of the conference is that this has been a year like no other, and whether it be from finances, the economy, socially, politically or otherwise – people are hurting and need connection. As coaches, we must connect on a human level and empathize, and offer hope. And hope we do have!

A Need for Connection

Moving into the final quarter of 2020, I hope that you have an outlet to receive the kind of encouragement I did this week at Enrichment. I hope you’ve got a team or community around you that lifts you up and makes you better. (See my post here about one of my communities.) If you feel you’re missing this, ask for help and find your people. We humans were made for connection, we were not meant to do life alone! Find people who inject hope into your world. Because as dire as things can sometimes appear, there is always hope, if you know where to look.

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