A CPA by trade, personal finance has always been important to me, as has helping people. During my days in public accounting, preparing and reviewing the tax returns of individuals always brought me more satisfaction than working on the tax returns of faceless corporations.

This combined love of personal finance and passion to help others navigate through their financial peaks and valleys led me to create Abacus Solutions. Over the past three years, I’ve coached people individually – to develop a written budget, to devise a game plan to pay off debt, to build an emergency fund to see them through those unexpected financial valleys, to begin to build wealth for the future, and above all, to live generously and give back – and have also led multiple classes towards those same objectives. In early 2018, I also took the step of completing the Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach training, enhancing my training in areas such as bankruptcy, student loans, debt collections, and many more.

My ultimate goal is to help YOU, the individual, create a game plan to increase the amount of financial margin in your life. With 4 out of 5 Americans living paycheck to paycheck, the need for common sense coaching, and above all, encouragement as you navigate the process, has never been greater. Please contact me today to set up a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation.