Credit Reporting: Why You Need to Be Paying Attention

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It seems as if it’s almost every week that we hear of a new hack on a national or internationally-known organization’s customer database, exposing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of American’s personally identifiable data to the risk of identity theft. The cost of identity theft to the individual today is multi-fold: it can cost […]


Why You Really Shouldn’t Take (Financial) Advice From Roxette

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Ahh, 80s pop rock. So synth-y, such big hair. One of my all-time favorite acts was one of these bands, Roxette. I can still remember going to the mall when I was in sixth grade and purchasing Joyride on cassette (!!!); the summer following that purchase, I about wore out that cassette tape, rewinding and replaying my […]


Book Review: Smart Women Finish Rich

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Several months ago, I was rearranging some things in my guest bedroom; on the bookshelf in that room, I came across a book I read many years ago, Smart Women Finish Rich, by David Bach. My older (female) cousin gave me the book after I started my first full-time job, in public accounting, and it basically […]